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School to School support - Evidence & Impact

School to school support comes in many forms.  Farlingaye and Kesgrave Teaching School Alliance is committed to working together towards system-wide school improvement by brokering the services of NLEs, LLEs and SLEs across the region.  We have a track record of working with other schools and the capacity to undertake support for schools in challenging circumstances.

A combination of NLE, LLE and SLE support is available to schools funded through a variety of sources. Our focus is on impact and quality support.

Examples Include:

Primary school “A” had an ofsted rating of RI and staff who wanted to improve by maintaining appropriate pace throughout lessons and ensuring there was enough time for sustained, independent learning.  They wanted to ensure full engagement, concentration and involvement during explanations and independent working. They needed to cater effectively for highest and lower attainers as well as those in middle. FKTSA enrolled the support of Primary school “B” and by putting in a support mechanism based on the Intensive Teaching Programme, with staff from Primary School “A” linking up and being mentored by staff from Primary “B”, practice at school “A” has improved greatly by implementing: briefer, crisper introductions; effective, visual modelling, including of basic skills; developing  questioning to enable pupils to explain/justify; all children focussed; providing  suitable cognitive challenge for most able; using AFL to find out what pupils know/ can do at various points in the lesson; ensuring  success criteria are clear for each group to enable self/ peer evaluation. The teachers` performance being supported in primary school “A” have moved from being RI to good.

     Secondary School “A” approached the FKTSA as they were looking for support for their science department, ICT department and school business management support. By deploying our SLEs, we were able to support them in these 3 areas. In respect of school business management, the SLE reviewed Secondary School “A”s Heath & Safety policy and shared best practice, shared resources such as model risk assessments. The initial visit led to further support being given such as the review of  their support staff structure to ensure it supports the delivery of quality teaching and learning; support in the preparation of support staff job descriptions/person specifications and support with future support staff recruitment. In the respect of science, the initial request was to support a new member of staff arriving from a middle school with KS4 science, the SLE and member of staff observed each other`s lessons in respective schools, discussed departmental organisation, shared resources such as schemes of work for KS3/4 long term plan, collected of KS4 Biology worksheets. Secondary school “A” found the support invaluable and the openness and willingness of the SLE to share her knowledge and skills fantastic. The initial support led to further requests to support in KS4 physics, which was delivered in a similar model.  The ICT support request was centred around the introduction of Computing to the school`s syllabus, Secondary school “A” had just one ICT teacher, there was a considerable amount of guidance, support and resources provided for implementation of computing. With all SLE support given, contact often continues through email support and networking and it allows staff in schools the opportunity to liaise with colleagues from other schools, undertaking similar roles, allowing them to share experiences.

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If you feel that we can assist your school, the Teaching School would be delighted to find out more on how we may be able to assist. Please contact the Teaching School Coordinator either by telephone or email : 01473 624855 or jellis@farlingayekesgravetsa.co.uk